Nickolas Newland is one of my best friends. If you know us, this is a no brainer. So of course when he came back from the Study Abroad Trip of 2011, I was… Continue reading

Palazzo Pitti


By: Nick Gardner Going to the Palazzo one day was really cool. I went into the costume gallery and the royal apartments. There is this one room in the costume gallery, which has… Continue reading

Monteriggioni and the Medieval Festival


By: Eloy Rico During the weekend of the group Rome trip, a few of us who decided not to go, Karli Fischer, Blake Brougher, Michael Marchan, Kaitlyn Scott, and myself, had planned on… Continue reading

Boboli Gardens


By: Hannah Hogan My mom and I went to the Boboli Gardens, which are apart of the Pitti Palace, to explored the beautiful grounds and views. The grounds are extensive and you can… Continue reading

Tourist Day: The Leaning Tower of Pisa


By: Samantha Meyer I was surprised to find that the tower wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. Everyone knows about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, right? The tower in Pisa… Continue reading

My Gondola Ride


By: Sarah Carlyle While in Venice, 6 of us took a Gondola ride. It was so amazing! Our gondolier was extremely friendly and engaging. He told us interesting facts about landmarks we passed,… Continue reading

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